Maltese wedding

26 mai 2022


Rachel& Mathias
For this particular wedding, I chose to land in Malta two days before the wedding itself, and I'm glad I did so. I had the chance to meet the family, see the house, plan the shooting day, and witness something I've never seen before at weddings.
The father of the bride was preparing the cake for his beloved daughter, and they told me he actually started to work on it two weeks prior to the wedding. The cake statuette symboling the bride and groom was also created by a family friend.
The house was marvellous, built in the traditional maltese style. All the accessories were prepared, waiting for me to photograph them. This happened a day before the wedding, so I had time to play around and not miss important moments during the wedding day.
The necklace was in the family for 2 generations, and it was passed down to the bride, to wear it for the wedding day. The bride did a lot of searching for the shoes, to match the color & style of the necklace, and found the pair online, in Portugal. I understood all these details and efforts, and made sure to capture her accessories in the best light possible.
After lunch, we went to the tailor for a quick dress check, and I learned another story there. The tailor's mother made the dress for the bride's mother, a few decades ago. I loved how they kept everything in the family, for such a long time. Maybe my kid wil photograph Rachel's kid wedding, in 2050 🙂
As I had to fly from Romania, I brought huge bags with equippment, but no light stands. They rented some for me, but those ones didn't fit my flashes. So Rachel's dad invited me to his workshop, and made with his own hands some metal adapters (WOW !!!). By having seen the house, I had all night (almost sleepless) to imagine some artistic shots inside, the next day. After getting ready, the bridal party left the house in an old-fashioned, traditional Maltese bus. The religious ceremony was held in a really nice church, near their house.
After the ceremony, we went to Dingli Cliffs, for some artistic shots. I felt like having a lot of freedom in that location, and the landscape made my shooting a pleasure. The bride's long veil was a perfect piece of the puzzle, for the windy day on the cliffs, even with Rachel struggling to keep it attached to her hair.
The party took place at Buskett Gardens, a really nice outdoor venue. Most of the weddings I shot before were held in closed locations, but because of the climate in Malta where it barely rains, they could organise the wedding at that location. The guests gathered at the venue while we were making the photoshoot at the cliffs, so they were ready to welcome our bride and groom with proper cheers and applause. The evening started in a very relaxed fashion, with Rachel, Matthias and the guests socializing, after not meeting for a long time. Their wedding was multicultural, with guests from many countries in Europe. I also knew some of them from my previous projects across Europe, and was very happy to reconnect and share stories.