Get to know me

    • I'm in LOVE with every single aspect of my life as a dedicated photographer! And yes, I am extremely dedicated to my work! The customers working for the first time with me are always impressed by the level of involvement I show, both for them and for me. For them - to have a diverse and high quality photo album. For me - to make me feel fulfilled, to offer food to my soul who is constantly craving artistic creation by my hands. I am fueled by the sheer happiness of my customers, when they visualise the results of my work for them. This kept me going year after year, made me aspire for constant improvement. The ride has been fun, but harsh at some points. The countless sleepless nights, stress, disappointments, frustrations when I was struggling to upgrade myself... these also laid bricks to the photographer and man that I am today. What my customers receive from me is the result of all these years of hard work, that help me create something unique for them in a few hours.


By the Way... Did I mention that I LOVE travelling? Yes, I am an avid traveller. And yes, this passion influenced my work A LOT!!! I started real travelling in 2011, and it helped me sharpen my photography skills, as I always wanted to create great pictures in all the places I visited. Currently over 30 countries visited, and counting. I also LOVE photographing weddings and commercials in different parts of the planet, and did so in the last few years.


It is a blend between Editorian and and Fine Art. During events, I like to capture moments as they occur naturally, but also add a different type of flavour when I identify opportune moments. For my special shots, I love to play with different lighting technoques, background, composition and poses.


My closest friends right now are persons who I coached, helped grow in photography and videography activity, and achieved success in this field. Some very good friends are former customers, with whom I kept a close relationship after working together.


I'm a person of many passions. I like any outdoor activity, and try to experience as many of theme as possible. Everything that keeps my body in shape and my mind fulfilled, is welcome in my life. Lately, I started learning archery, mechanics, amateur racing with a racecar built by my own hands, bushcraft (sleeping in the forest in improvised shelter, surviving with what nature has to offer + what I was bringing from home, of course). Swimming, fitness, chess and driving are some of the important passions in my life.


I am currently based in Dubai, travelling constantly with work to my homecountry Romania, and other countries, where my services are required.
Upcoming : Germany, Italy
United Arab Emirates